[Cyberduck-localization] Additions for 2.7.2

David V. Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Wed Dec 20 00:03:57 CET 2006

In both the bookmark panel and the connection sheet, the 'advanced'  
options are now in a disclosable view. Therefore there is a new show/ 
hide button titled _both_ in Bookmark.strings and Connection.strings:

/* SNDisclosureButton (More Options) : <title:More Options> (oid:223) */
"More Options" = "More Options";

The default setting to use a single connection for browsing and  
transfer can now also be overriden in a bookmark. For this there is  
label named:

/* NSTextField (Transfer Files:) : <title:Transfer Files:> (oid:128) */
"Transfer Files:" = "Transfer Files:";

with a combobox with two options:

/* NSMenuItem : <title:Use browser connection> (oid:135) */
"Use browser connection" = "Use browser connection";

/* NSMenuItem : <title:Open new connection> (oid:134) */
"Open new connection" = "Open new connection";

The same option which can be globally enabled or disabled using a  
checkbox in the Preferences (as the default) is titled (in  

/* NSButton (Open new connection in transfer window for file  
transfers) : <title:Open new connection in transfer window for file  
transfers> (oid:1398) */
"Open new connection in transfer window for file transfers" = "Open  
new connection in transfer window for file transfers";

(I have sent you a similar string before but changed it as it was a  
negated sentence which is bad, sorry about this.)

Next, there is a new feature which remembers all open browser windows  
upon quitting the application and will restore the sessions when you  
relaunch. There is a new setting: (in Preferences.strings)

/* NSButton (Remember open browser windows) : <title:Remember open  
browser windows> (oid:1404) */
"Remember open browser windows" = "Remember open browser windows";

The title in English of this setting is quite bad, but I couldn't  
come up with a better name for the feature. Any feedback is welcome.

If you have trouble translating by just looking at the .strings  
files, download the latest nightly build from [http:// 

That's all, as always, many thanks for your continued contribution!  
2.7.2 is feature complete and will be released soon!


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