[Cyberduck-localization] Changes for 2.5.6

David V. Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Mon May 8 10:16:02 CEST 2006

Hi all!
	The next maintenance release of Cyberduck is coming soon with some  
important changes. Most notably for the localizations, a new updating  
framework will be included to automate the udpate process for future  

As always, you can find all the *.strings file needed at

The following strings have been added:

     "Download failed" is defined in Growl.strings
     "Upload failed" is defined in Growl.strings

     "Open Network Diagnostics" is defined in Localizable.strings

     "Remote File:" is defined in Sync.strings
     "Details" is defined in Sync.strings

The new files for the Sparkle updating framework can be found at

e.g. for the french localization

The Sparkle.strings uses a way to refer to dynamic strings only known  
at runtime you may not have seen before. E.g.

/* No comment provided by engineer. */
"%@ %@ is currently the newest version available." = "%1$@ %2$@ és la  
versió més actual.";

The %1$@ and %2$@ refer to the first and second placeholder in the  
english base string - in this example the first is the application  
name and the second the current version number. They can be placed  
anywhere in the translated string (depending where they fit using the  
grammar of the language) but should not be omitted!

Many, many thanks for your continued support!

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