[Cyberduck-localization] Changes for 2.8

David V. Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Sat May 26 01:01:37 CEST 2007

The release of 2.8 is feature complete and is currently in testing.  
Nightly builds are available from http://update.cyberduck.ch/nightly/  
as usual with changes detailed in http://update.cyberduck.ch/nightly/ 
changelog.html. Please download the *.strings files from http:// 
svn.cyberduck.ch/trunk/ [*.lproj] and send them back to me by email.

Many thanks for your continued support making Cyberduck the most  
comprehensively localized software for OS X!

The list of changes for the localizations is as follows:

> Bookmark.strings
>     "Notes:"
> Browser.strings
>     "Copy URL"
> Preferences.strings
>     "Select the default application to be opened for files or links  
> pointing to an SFTP location."
>     "Select a text editor to edit files with by default. The editor  
> must be installed on your system and support the ODB interface."
>     "Return key selects folder or file to rename"
>     "Bandwidth"
>     "Unlimited Bandwidth"
>     "Throttle Transfers"
>     "Maximum Throughput:"
>     "for Folders"
>     "for Files"
>     "Use Large Icons"
>     "Use Small Icons"
>     "When using small icons, only the nickname of the bookmark is  
> displayed in the bookmark drawer."
>     "Transfer Files using:"
>     "Timeouts"
>     "Timeout for opening connections (seconds):"
>     "Repeat failed networking tasks"
>     "Number of retries:"
>     "with delay (seconds):"
>     "Search for passwords in the Keychain. Save passwords upon  
> successfull login in the Keychain by default."
>     "Ask before closing a connected browser window."
>     "The selected default text encoding is used to convert  
> characters in filenames displayed in the browser. This should match  
> the text encoding used on the server."
>     "Will save all open browsers when quitting and restore the  
> connections upon relaunch."
>     "Open a empty browser when opening the application. A  
> connection to the selected bookmark is opened for a new browser."
> Status.strings
>     "Transfer complete"
>     "Transfer incomplete"
>     "Retry in"
>     "seconds"
>     "Will try"
>     "more times"
>     "Starting SCP subsystem..."
>     "SCP subsystem ready"
> Configuration.strings
>     "Set Cyberduck as default application for FTP and SFTP locations?"
>     "As the default application, Cyberduck will open when you click  
> on FTP or SFTP links in other applications, such as your web  
> browser. You can change this setting in the Preferences later."
>     "Change"
>     "Don't Ask Again"
> Transfer.strings
>     "Unlimited Bandwidth"
>     "Maximum number of simultaneous transfers"
> Sync.strings
>     "Continue"
> Validator.strings
>     "Existing Files:"
>     "Continue"
>     "Rename"
> Growl.strings
>     "Transfer queued"
> Main.strings
>     "Acknowledgments"
> Localizable.strings
>     "Move to Trash"

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