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A 'Bucket' is the nomenclatura for a container of a collection of  
files in Amazon S3. Bucket names and keys are chosen so that objects  
are addressable using HTTP URLs:
  • http://s3.amazonaws.com/bucket/file
or using a DNS CNAME
  • http://bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/file

Another description from  [1]: The similarities between buckets and  
domain names is not a coincidence — there is a direct mapping between  
Amazon S3 buckets and subdomains of s3.amazonaws.com. Objects stored  
in Amazon S3 are addressable using the REST API under the domain  
bucketname.s3.amazonaws.com. For example, if the object homepage.html  
is stored in the Amazon S3 bucket mybucket its address would be http://mybucket.s3.amazonaws.com/homepage.html 

Mosso is a product from Rackspace that is a competitor to Amazon S3  
offering similar features for cloud storage and distribution. See http://www.mosso.com/cloudfiles.jsp

Hope that helps.

[1] http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/2006-03-01/index.html?UsingBucket.html

On 28.04.2009, at 10:46, Fabri wrote:

> I am looking at italian files.
> some questions: what "buckets" are referred to? (preferences.strings)
> what "mosso" is referred to? and the first line looks to be  
> uncorrect <cyberduck.tiff>
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