[Cyberduck-localization] Changes for 4.0

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Nov 23 18:20:01 CET 2010

Dear Localizers,

Exciting times in the development of Cyberduck. The Windows version is getting ready and we have new configuration options for Amazon CloudFront CDN with a custom origin. 

As usual, download the *.strings files of your translation from http://svn.cyberduck.ch/trunk and send them back to me by email. You can now also discuss the changes on this mailing list if needed.


In Preferences.strings

/* NSButton (Automatically check for updates in) : <title:Automatically check for updates in> (oid:1380) */ "Automatically check for updates in" = "Automatically check for updates in"; 

/* NSButton (Upload with temporary filename) : <title:Upload with temporary filename> (oid:5593) */ "Upload with temporary filename" = "Upload with temporary filename"; 

In Info.strings

/* NSTextField (Invalidation) : <title:Invalidation> (oid:4094) */
"Invalidation" = "Invalidation";

/* NSButton (Invalidate) : <title:Invalidate> (oid:4098) */
"Invalidate" = "Invalidate";

/* NSTextField (Remove selected files from distribution cache.) : <title:Remove selected files from distribution cache.> (oid:4559) */
"Remove selected files from distribution cache." = "Ausgewählte Dateien in Verteilung (CDN) löschen";

/* NSTextField (Origin) : <title:Origin> (oid:4370) */
"Origin" = "Origin";

In Error.strings

/* Content distribution network configuration failures */
"Cannot read CDN configuration" = "Cannot read CDN configuration";
"Cannot write CDN configuration" = "Cannot write CDN configuration";

/* Container configuration such as logging or versioning */
"Cannot read container configuration" = "Cannot read container configuration";

In S3.strings

/* CloudFront object invalidation */
"{0} invalidations in progress" = "{0} invalidations in progress";
"{0} invalidations completed" = "{0} invalidations completed";

"Custom Origin Server (HTTP/HTTPS)" = "Custom Origin Server (HTTP/HTTPS)";

In Status.strings

/* Content distribution network configuration */
"Reading CDN configuration of {0}" = "Reading CDN configuration of {0}";
"Writing CDN configuration of {0}" = "Writing CDN configuration of {0}";

In Localizable.strings

/* Quit application on Windows */
"Exit" = "Exit";

/* Update sources */
"Release" = "Release";
"Beta" = "Beta";
"Snapshot Builds" = "Snapshot Builds";
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