[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 2.3.2

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Aug 3 20:45:14 CEST 2004

          > http://cyberduck.ch/Cyberduck-2.3.2.dmg

Changes in 2.3.2
- [Feature] Slovak Localization
- [Feature] Czech Localization
- [Feature] Support for EPFL file listings to support servers running 
"publicfile" (FTP)
- [Bugfix] Improved PASV response parsing (FTP)
- [Bugfix] Better parsing symbolic links
- [Bugfix] Ignoring errors caused by servers not supporting the SIZE 
- [Feature] Supporting SOCKS proxies (not tested)
- [Feature] Change file permissions on multiple files
- [Feature] Copy the URL of a remote site
- [Bugfix] Use date formatting rules set in the System Preferences
- [Featuer] Preference item to set the action when double-clicking 
files (Download or edit)
- [Bugfix] Remembering the position of the browser window
- [Bugfix] Compatibility with servers not supporting the SIZE command 

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