[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 2.4b1

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Dec 28 19:18:20 CET 2004

	> http://cyberduck.ch/Cyberduck-2.4b1.dmg

Changes in 2.4b1
- [Feature] Synchronization of files
- [Feature] Create new files on server
- [Feature] Support for Novell Netware file listings (FTP)
- [Feature] Growl notification support (see http://growl.info)
- [Feature] Limit number of concurrent connections to a remote host
- [Feature] Move remote files with copy & paste
- [Feature] Select a file in the browser by typing its first character
- [Feature] Put remote files into the transfer queue with copy & paste
- [Feature] Apply permissions recursively
- [Feature] Option to apply default permissions to transferred files in 
- [Feature] Option to preserve modification date on download in 
- [Feature] Switch encoding per browser with menu or toolbar item
- [Feature] Switch 'Show hidden files' per browser with menu or toolbar 
- [Feature] Transfer Queue with "Aqua" progress indicator
- [Feature] Provide a proxy icon for the connection in the window title 
- [Feature] The proxy icon in the window title bar can then be dragged 
to the bookmark drawer or the Finder.
- [Feature] Bookmarks of recently connected hosts are saved in 
~/Library/Application Support/Cyberduck/History
- [Feature] Updated toolbar icons (Thanks to Matt Ball)
- [Feature] Display the number of files in the browser
- [Feature] Added TextMate to the list of supported editors (see 
- [Feature] Dialog for duplicated files lists all at once instead of 
consecutively asking
- [Feature] Filter field is now a standard search field
- [Feature] Read bookmarks from "/Library/Application 
Support/Cyberduck/" instead of the individual user bookmarks file if 
- [Feature] Check for running transfers on application quit
- [Feature] Updated FTP core (FTP)
- [Feature] Saving passwords as 'Internet Password' in the Keychain
- [Localize] Norwegian Localization
- [Bugfix] Update existing browsers when changing the default interface 
attributes in the Preferences
- [Bugfix] Don't cache DNS lookups forever
- [Bugfix] Bookmark drawer icon has no text-only equivalent
- [Bugfix] Tabbing between browser and filter box
- [Bugfix] Quick Connect Field has initial focus

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