[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 2.4b3

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Sat Jan 29 14:02:17 CET 2005

	> http://cyberduck.ch/Cyberduck-2.4b3.dmg

Changes in 2.4b3
- [Localize] Russian Localization
- [Feature] Preliminary AppleScript support (see .scpt script samples)
- [Feature] Quick Connect field and hostname field in connection dialog 
accept URLs as input
- [Feature] Reordering bookmarks using drag and drop
- [Bugfix] Deleting more than 10 files at once
- [Bugfix] Typing in transfer window causes crash
- [Bugfix] Transcript causes crash
- [Bugfix] Reporting correct file size for large files
- [Bugfix] Disable resume on ASCII tranfers (FTP)
- [Bugfix] Incompatiblity with Filezilla Server (FTP)
- [Bugfix] Synchronizing current working directory
- [Bugfix] Graceful failure on SSH connection problems
- [Bugfix] Correctly resolving '~' in filenames
- [Bugfix] Bug fixes

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