[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 2.5.5

David V. Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Feb 28 17:24:24 CET 2006

This is a mainly bug fix release, see [1] for a full list of changes.

	> http://cyberduck.ch/Cyberduck-2.5.5.dmg

Starting with this version, I do also offer 'single-language' builds  
with only one localization included that are only 4.2MB in size.
	> http://cyberduck.ch/localizations/

Soon there will also be a 'Portable' version of Cyberduck you can  
carry around with you on any USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard  
drive or memory card with all bookmarks and preferences travelling  
with you.
	> http://freesmug.org/portableapps/

- [Localize] Hebrew Localization
- [Bugfix] Excape key cancels editing [#190]
- [Bugfix] Adjust permissions on created folders when transfering  
files [#77]
- [Bugfix] Cannot write to group writable files (SFTP) [#173]
- [Bugfix] Spotlight binary not executable [#212]
- [Feature] Added options to use Cyberduck as a portable application  
(see http://www.freesmug.org/portableapps/) [#180]
- [Feature] New Crash Reporter (Thanks to M. Uli Kusterer!) [#195]
- [Feature] Added skEdit to the list of supported editors (http:// 

[1] http://trac.cyberduck.ch/query?status=closed&milestone=2.5.5

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