[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 3.2.1

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Jul 14 20:23:43 CEST 2009

A new release of Cyberduck 3 is available featuring important bug  
fixes and improvements in Amazon S3 and CloudFront support. Use the  
'Check for Update...' feature in Cyberduck to automatically update  
your already installed version.

The changes in the release include:
- [Feature] Create placeholder objects for virtual directory (S3)
- [Feature] Info window displays signed temporary public URL with a  
default validity of 24 hours (S3)
- [Feature] Info window displays BitTorrent URL of file (S3)
- [Feature] Option to enable Bucket Access Logging in the Info window  
- [Feature] Option to enable CloudFront Access Logging in the Info  
window (S3)
- [Feature] Updated to Cloudfront API Version 2009-04-02 (S3)
- [Feature] Access third party buckets using anonymous login (S3)
- [Feature] Editable hostname to connect to third party services  
implementing S3 [#3125] (S3)
- [Feature[ Option to specify object expiration using Cache-Control  
header [#3185] (S3)
- [Bugfix] MobileMe iDisk upload failures (WebDAV) [#3149]
- [Bugfix] Overwrite action causes empty downloaded file [#3252]
- [Bugfix] Status bar is draggable [#2159]

Refer to http://trac.cyberduck.ch/query?status=closed&milestone=3.2.1  
for all closed issues.

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