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David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Mon Sep 6 15:51:32 CEST 2010

A major new version of Cyberduck is now available, with a plethora of new features and bugfixes but most promimently support for Google Storage [1] and file versioning in Amazon S3.

Among the newest additions is also the integration of Access Control List (ACL) editing for S3 and Google Storage in Cyberduck. This allows the definition of fine grained permissions to be granted to different individual users. Google Storage allows the use of email address registered with Google Accounts as grant identifiers. Using Cyberduck, one can limit access to files stored in Google Storage selectively to anyone who has an email address registered with Google. Access is granted only when logged in using a Google Account and authenticated against the ACL. This makes secure sharing of potentially big files with collaborators a snap.

File versioning support for S3 is now available in a most user friendly way. Choosing to show hidden files in the browser also displays all revisions, allowing to revert back to a previous version making it current. Versioning can be enabled per bucket in the S3 tab of the Browser Info panel. Additional support to selectively enable S3 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Delete per bucket in Cyberduck, secures files from deletion by requesting a one-time passcode from a hardware token.

For users migrating to Cyberduck from third-party software, bookmarks of various other FTP clients can now be imported.

For security improvements, users are now warned when opening an unsecure connection to a server transmitting user credentials in plaintext. A prompt to switch to a secured connection if the FTP server supports SSL/TLS is displayed.

[1] http://trac.cyberduck.ch/wiki/help/en/howto/googlestorage

The many changes in the release include:
- [Feature] Connecting to Google Storage (Google Storage)
- [Feature] Edit Access Control List (ACLs) (#3191) (S3, Google Storage, Google Docs)
- [Feature] Enable Bucket Versioning (#4511) (S3)
- [Feature] Enable Bucket Multi-Factor Authentication Delete (#4510) (S3)
- [Feature] Display previous file versions in browser (S3)
- [Feature] Download previous file version (S3)
- [Feature] Revert to previous file version (S3)
- [Feature] Default root file (index.html) configuration for distribution (CloudFront)
- [Feature] Eucalyptus Walrus support enabled by default (S3)
- [Feature] Duplicate Bookmark (#3385)
- [Feature] Import bookmarks from thirdparty applications (Filezilla, Fetch, Interarchy, Flow) (#3373)
- [Feature] Copy directory listing to clipboard (#2372)
- [Feature] Support for thirdparty terminal applications (#2987)
- [Feature] Change SSH options for open in Terminal.app (#4232)
- [Feature] Unsecure connection warning when password is transmitted in plaintext
- [Feature] Alert to change connection to TLS if server supports AUTH TLS (FTP)
- [Feature] Edit metadata for multiple files (S3, Google Storage)
- [Feature] Menu items to copy HTTP, CDN, signed & authenticated URLs to clipboard (#4207)
- [Feature] Menu items to open HTTP, CDN, signed & authenticated URLs in Web Browser
- [Feature] Move and rename files and folders (Google Docs)
- [Feature] Update size display incrementally while calculating recursively (#3213)
- [Feature] Hidden preference to change SSH options for 'Open in Terminal.app' (#4232)
- [Feature] Batch editing of S3 metadata (Google Storage, S3) (#5105)
- [Feature] Show number of active transfers in Dock (#3808)
- [Feature] Copy directory listing to clipboard (#2372)
- [Bugfix] Improved interoperability with Eucalyptus Walrus (S3)
- [Bugfix] Improved interoperability with Dunkel Cloud Storage (S3)
- [Bugfix] Trust validation failure with self signed certificates for HTTP redirects (WebDAV) (#2443)
- [Bugfix] Drag and drop of a file over a bookmark to upload (#4562)
- [Bugfix] Connect authenticated to thirdparty buckets (S3) (#4480)
- [Bugfix] Connections stalls after long idle (SFTP) (#5073, #4214, #3941)
- [Bugfix] Dragging files for upload is slow (#4141)
- [Bugfix] STAT fails for directories containing spaces in filename (FTP) (#2500)
- [Bugfix] Upload to drop box gives file listing error (#2552)
- [Bugfix] Incompatibility with Akamai NetStorage (SFTP) (#4015)
- [Bugfix] Usability of changing permissions in Info panel (FTP, SFTP) (#3930)

Refer to http://trac.cyberduck.ch/query?status=closed&milestone=3.6 for all closed issues.

This is the last version to be Mac only. A preview of Cyberduck for Windows will be available later this month [2]. Signup for the private beta now! Version 4.0 and onward will be on par for both Mac and Windows.

[2] http://sudo.ch/2010/08/25/cyberduck-for-windows-is-coming/

Many thanks for your continued support!
-David Kocher

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