[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 4.1

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Tue Jul 12 13:01:01 CEST 2011

We are pleased to announce the release of Cyberduck 4.1 for Mac & Windows. This release features a lot of changes under the hood with a new WebDAV protocol implementation and polishing the user interface on Windows. Refer to http://trac.cyberduck.ch/milestone/4.1 for all closed issues. The important changes in the release include:

- [Localize] Bulgarian Localization
- [Feature] Replaced WebDAV protocol implementation
- [Feature] Sort bookmarks by nickname, hostname or protocol (#5925)
- [Feature] Set preferred default editor (Windows) (#5729)
- [Feature] IPv6 support (Windows) (#5699)
- [Feature] Enable access logs for custom origin distributions (CloudFront)
- [Feature] Choose target bucket for access logs (CloudFront)
- [Feature] Choose target bucket for access logs (S3)
- [Feature] CDN (Akamai) configuration (Cloudfiles UK) (#5989)
- [Feature] Filter bookmarks by comments (#5926)
- [Feature] Upload arbitrary file types (Google Docs)
- [Feature] Support trackpad gestures for navigation and selection (Mac) (#2793)
- [Bugfix] Delete only trashes documents (Google Docs) (#5873)
- [Bugfix] Wrong timestamp in transfer prompt (#5916)
- [Bugfix] Uploading file to collection places it in root folder instead (Google Docs) (#5856)
- [Bugfix] Support for extended character sets (Windows) (#6016)
- [Bugfix] Limited to 10'000 containers (Cloudfiles) (#6037)
- [Bugfix] SSL version number incompatibility (#5061)
- [Bugfix] Donation key validation failure (10.5) (#5846)
- [Bugfix] CDN URL for files only available after opening Info window (Cloudfiles) (#6040)
- [Bugfix] Interoperability (FTP) (#5866, #5949)
- [Bugfix] Copy and edit filenames in browser (Windows) (#5336, #6039)
- [Bugfix] Preserve modification dates for folders on upload (#6048)

Many thanks for your continued support!

David Kocher
Yves Langisch

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