[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 4.3

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Thu Apr 25 12:42:44 UTC 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of Cyberduck 4.3 for Mac & Windows. Refer to http://trac.cyberduck.ch/milestone/4.3 for all 235 closed issues. The most prominent changes in the release include:

- [Localize] Arabic Localization
- [Feature] Retina resolution support (10.8) (#6760)
- [Feature] Notification center support (10.8) (#6792)
- [Feature] Gatekeeper support (10.8) (#6888)
- [Feature] One click setup for analytics with Qloudstat (S3, CloudFront, Cloudfiles, Google Storage)
- [Feature] Bucket location in South America (São Paulo) Region (S3)
- [Feature] Bucket location in Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region (S3)
- [Feature] Multi-Object Delete (S3)
- [Feature] Interoperability with HP Cloud (Openstack)
- [Feature] Interoperability with Lunacloud Storage (S3)
- [Feature] Website Configuration (Google Storage)
- [Feature] Website Configuration (Cloudfiles)
- [Feature] Edit container metadata (Cloudfiles)
- [Feature] Reuse Session key on data connection (FTP/TLS) (#5087)
- [Bugfix] Hangs editing file in external editor (10.8.2) (#6878)
- [Bugfix] Moving folders deletes the folder (Cloudfiles) (#6442)
- [Bugfix] Copy folder from server to server (#6440)
- [Bugfix] Duplicate folder (#6495)
- [Bugfix] Interoperability with latest API (CloudFront)
- [Bugfix] Crash in Rendezvous resolver (#6814)
- [Bugfix] Java optional install required (App Store) (#6090)
- [Bugfix] Changes in editor not uploaded when choosing save on close (#6590)
- [Bugfix] Versioning for directory placeholders (S3) (#5748)
- [Bugfix] Duplicating file does not retain permissions (#6525)
- [Bugfix] SSL hostname verification on HTTP redirects
- [Remove] Dropped support Azure Blob Storage connections (Azure)
- [Remove] Dropped support Dropbox connections (Dropbox)
- [Remove] Dropped support Google Drive connections (Google Docs)

Cyberduck is available from the website at http://cyberduck.ch or from the Mac App Store. Many thanks for your continued support!

David Kocher
Yves Langisch

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