[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 4.8

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.io
Wed Feb 24 18:00:29 UTC 2016

We are pleased to announce version 4.8 of Cyberduck for Mac & Windows. This version enables multiple connections for file transfers enabled by default and allows to recursively search for files in the browser window.

The full changelog for this version is as follows:

- [Feature] Multiple connections for transfers enabled by default
- [Feature] Recursively search for files (#8345)
- [Feature] Support for key exchange algorithm diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 (SFTP) (#8488)
- [Feature] Support for key exchange algorithm curve25519-sha256 at libssh.org (SFTP) (#8528)
- [Feature] Support ssh-ed25519 host keys (SFTP) (#8553)
- [Feature] Support for authentication with Keystone v3 API (OpenStack Swift) (#8813)
- [Feature] Read NTLM domain and workstation from environment (WebDAV, Windows)
- [Bugfix] Files greater than 100GB fail to upload (OpenStack Swift) (#9131)
- [Bugfix] Changed fingerprint prompt and duplicate ECDSA host key entries in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (SFTP) (#8867)
- [Bugfix] Certificate trust errors for DNS-named buckets (S3) (#3813)
- [Bugfix] Search is broken always including folders (#9076)

Cyberduck is available from the website at https://cyberduck.io or from the Mac App Store. Many thanks for your continued support!

David Kocher
Yves Langisch

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