[Cyberduck-news] Cyberduck 6.3

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.io
Wed Nov 15 09:45:33 UTC 2017

Version 6.3 of Cyberduck for Mac & Windows is now available featuring support for DRACOON, a highly secure, platform-independent enterprise filesharing solution. Unique to the solution is the own developed TripleCrypt technology with an end-to-end encryption as well as the authorization system for high demands in the enterprise business environment.

The full changelog for this version is as follows:
- [Feature] Support for DRACOON cloud service (DRACOON.com)
- [Feature] Support for Google Team Drives (Google Drive) (#9928)
- [Feature] Support for Joyent Triton Object Storage (Triton)
- [Feature] Support for China (Beijing) region (S3)
- [Bugfix] Allow custom endpoint with default connection profile (S3)
- [Bugfix] Unnecessary password prompt for connection (Local Disk)
- [Bugfix] Login where authentication is required with both password and one-time passcode (SFTP)

Previously, version 6.1 introduced support for server side recursive search in OneDrive, S3, Dropbox and Google Drive. Version 6.2 included many bug fixes including enhancements to client side encryption using Cryptomator vaults.

Cyberduck is available from the website at https://cyberduck.io or from the Mac App Store & Windows App Store. Many thanks for your continued support!

David Kocher
Yves Langisch

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