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#1302: Cannot view folders in listing [Webstar]
 Reporter:  matthewdye  |        Owner:  dkocher 
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  high        |    Milestone:  2.8.3   
Component:  ftp         |      Version:  2.8     
 Severity:  major       |   Resolution:          
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Changes (by dkocher):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  duplicate =>
  * summary:  Cannot view folder listing => Cannot view folders in listing


 I just did some testing on our server, using Cyberduck 2.8.1 on my MacBook
 Pro running OSX 10.4.9.  If your home directory contains only folders,
 appear in Cyberduck when you login.  If there's also one or more files in
 the home directory, the folders do not appear.  If I create a folder via
 Cyberduck, it does NOT appear in Cyberduck, but the folder IS created on
 the server.

 I then took all of your home directory files/folders and put them into a
 single folder in your home directory (so the only thing in your home
 directory is that one folder).  When I logged in as you, I could see that
 single folder.  When I entered that folder, I could see everything inside
 of it...both files and folders.

 I tried replacing your entire home directory with a new folder, but that
 didn't do any good.  I also created a new FTP account with access to your
 home directory, but again that does no good.  I created a new FTP account
 with it's own home directory , full of files and folders different than
 yours.  The "missing folders" problem occurs, no matter where on the
 I put that home directory.

 If I begin my FTP session in the parent folder of your home directory,
 navigate to your home directory, I can see everything.

 This has to be some weird problem with Cyberduck and how it handles
 displaying the contents of a home directory, as I do not see this problem
 with Fetch, my regular FTP client.  Our server is Webstar 4.5, not Rumpus.
 I don't have a problem setting up a temporary FTP account for the
 developers, if they want to troubleshoot this problem further.


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