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#1442: Some files doesn't appears in Cyberduck FTP window (updated)
 Reporter:  anonymous  |       Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:         
Component:  core       |     Version:  2.8.2  
 Severity:  normal     |    Keywords:         
 Hello ! I just discovered your software, and it looks good ...but I think
 I discovered a bug...

 Opening the FTP folder of my Freebox TV hard disc with CyberDuck, I was
 surprised to find less files than expected. So I opened the same FTP
 folder with the Finder and then all my files was there. I took a screen
 copy of the problem: two "France 2..." files and one "France 4'" files are
 missing in CyberDuck. Viewing the content of the Freebox hard disc on my
 TV showed the 4 files, so the Finder don't display some ghost files. It's
 CyberDuck that forget some files.

 I wandered if CyberDuck didn't like the name of the files. So I created a
 small text file with the name "France 2 - Sans titre - 99-99-2008 20h45
 2h10m.ts" (I juste changed the date to 99-99-2008) and then copied this
 file in the FTP folder with Cyberduck. Then Cyberduck correctly displayed
 the file. So the problem is not so easy.

 Note that the Finder has a bug that don't display correctly the size of
 big files (first file is 4,3Go in Cyberduck, wich is correct, and 391 Mo
 in Finder wich is incorrect).

 [Update: sorry I thought I could join screen copy but you trac config
 don't allow that. If you need a screen copy please send me an email to
 godefroy at troude.com. Best regards !]

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