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#1149: Uploaded files changed to zero length upon completion
 Reporter:  pentaphobe  |       Owner:  dkocher                    
     Type:  defect      |      Status:  new                        
 Priority:  highest     |   Milestone:                             
Component:  core        |     Version:  2.7.3                      
 Severity:  blocker     |    Keywords:  upload time out large files
 This is a repeatable bug.

 ''(Uploading to a MediaTemple gridserver host (Pure-FTPd))''

 Larger files complete upload, and then an Operation Timed Out dialog is
 presented ("cancel" and "try again" buttons)
 Both buttons result in the file being reduced to zero length.



 I have confirmed that the file is successfully being uploaded each time,
 if I ssh in (or connect using another ftp client) while the error dialog
 is on screen, I can rename the file and it will stay intact.

 If I copy the file, I will have the original reduced to zero length, and
 my copy will be intact (obviously)

 Attempted courses of action:

  * made sure that '''Preferences : Transfers : Uploads : Duplicate
 Files''' was set to "Try to resume"
  * unchecked '''Preferences : Transfers : Permissions : Uploads : Change
 Permissions''' (in case a separate thread was timing out and causing the
 whole operation to be considered failed)
  * '''Preferences : Advanced : Send NOOP''' is confirmed on

 Actions I have not attempted:

  * Uncheck '''Preferences : Transfers : Timestamps : Preserve Modification

 Like I said, this is repeatable - as I've done it for about a dozen
 uploads, trying different combinations - only had the time to register for
 ticket submission now.

 The first time it happened was after uploading a 900mb archive at 35kb/s
 on a time-critical project.
 As much as this was a problem, I'm at least tech savvy enough to have a
 workaround - but others may not, hence the high priority on this ticket.


 This bug only occurs with large files.

 I hypothesize that the primary connection thread (browser) may be hitting
 the 15 minute timeout, and some flag is affecting the transfer threads

 Since the "send NO OP" option is set, I wouldn't imagine this being the
 case, but without reviewing source I can only guess.

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