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#1071: More options for organizing the bookmarks drawer
 Reporter:  veramilo     |       Owner:  dkocher                           
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                               
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:                                    
Component:  interface    |     Version:  2.7.3                             
 Severity:  normal       |    Keywords:  organize, bookmarks, folders, sort
 I have a LOT of bookmarks which would be much more managable if I could
 group some of them into folders (maybe even subfolders) and only expand
 those which are relevant during a certain time period or while working on
 a particular project. Likewise, if I have bookmarks that I use less
 frequently, I would put them all into an appropriately-named folder and
 keep it closed and out of the way until I needed one of them.

 (Also, if there was an option to hide the user and URL info below each
 nickname and reduce the size of the icon, it would help compact the
 bookmarks list further.)

 One problem with using the folder paradigm is that some users (probably
 very few) may become confused thinking the bookmark list is a rendition of
 their local disk directory.  Maybe if each folder had a Cyberduck logo on
 it, it would be clearer.

 There are, of course, many examples of using the folder structure but most
 of them only sort the items by rigid criteria.  I would definitely want to
 maintain the ability to manually arrange the list -- at least as an option
 -- but I also have a suggestion for including additional sorting options:

 There could be a popup "display by" menu at the top of the drawer.  The
 options in the popup might be domain name, date last used, date created,
 user name (login), and nickname -- and these would all ignore (flatten)
 any folder structure the user has set up.  But there should also be an
 option to return to folder view.  If you select a bookmark in any display
 view, it should remain selected after you switch to another view, and if
 you switch to FOLDER view, the folder the selection is in should also
 expand to show it.  This would then also make the feature helpful for
 locating and refiling a misfiled bookmark.

 If you have any familiarity with Filemaker, a similar popup menu appears
 in its Field Definition dialog but the field names can also be dragged
 into any custom order.  They cannot, however, be categorized into folders.

 Thank you for providing and maintaining such an excellent product!

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