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Thu Mar 22 16:00:38 CET 2007

#1074: Repeated connection failures and crashes on large DLs
 Reporter:  golem at fred.net  |       Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:         
Component:  sftp            |     Version:  2.7.3  
 Severity:  major           |    Keywords:         
 For the last couple of versions, this has been a continuing problem for
 me. SFTP transfers of total files in excess of 1gb (up to 20gb, the
 largest I've tried at once), the app repeatedly reports a lost connection,
 every hour or so. Most times, it just pops up with a window, requiring me
 to take action, asking to 'Try again' or 'Cancel'. Try again and it re-
 initates contact, does a quick poll to determine where it left off, and
 resumes from there. Intermittently, however, it will crash completely.
 When the app is restarted, it doesn't know the size of the total download
 or how much it has completed, and takes as long as several minutes to as
 long as an hour or more to slog back through things and figure out where
 to resume.

 This isn't the server causing the problem or cutting the connection. When
 I do the same transfers via command line sftp from the shell, it runs
 without error and completes. This is difficult, however, as usually what I
 am DLing are many smaller files arranged through a series of directories,
 which command line SFTP refuses to pick up, so I have to try to tarball
 each directory and then erase it, and command-line DL the tarballs.

 In earlier versions of Cyberduck, I did not have this problem (back around
 the 2.5 branch, I believe).

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