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#1864: view feature request
 Reporter:  jcassell at comcast.net  |       Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  enhancement           |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:         
Component:  core                  |     Version:  2.8.4  
 Severity:  normal                |    Keywords:         
 I like the way that Cyberduck looks but I would like to make a suggestion
 to make it easier to use. I have used ftp software in the past and found
 it really helpful when it displays both sides of the connection. Basically
 if you split the screen into two, the left side would be the local side of
 the connection - which would be my machine - and the right side would be
 the remote side of the connection. This way when you upload files you
 would be able to drag and drop in one window and not use two different
 windows to do so. Downloading is easy as you set the default as to where
 you want to store and then go move it when you are done, this would also
 save the second step as you could place it in the directory you wanted -
 all in one window.

 An example of this would be WinSCP, they offer the choice of using and
 explorer type window where you copy between two windows and a Norton view,
 which has both machines in one window. I don't think Cyberduck does this,
 I have looked but if it does can you let me know how to do it?



 Take care,

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