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#1953: Bookmarks Accessibility
 Reporter:  matthias79 at gmail.com  |        Owner:  dkocher 
     Type:  enhancement           |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  highest               |    Milestone:  3.1     
Component:  interface             |      Version:  3.0.1   
 Severity:  major                 |   Resolution:          
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Comment (by mbduck):

 I think, like jcburns, that the intended shift away from NSDrawers
 naturally leads to multipane view, à la Leopard. So let me try to sum up
 the pros and cons of a multipane view for the particular case of

 -1- keeps the major advantage of Cyberduck to switch between multiple
 (30+) connections by a single double-click with no clustering[[BR]]
 -2- unified view in single-window (that is: even less clustering than
 before, pushing forward that strong point)[[BR]]
 -3- follows the trend of decline in the use of drawers and their
 replacement by a list pane on the left[[BR]]

 -1- when toggling bookmark pane on/off, the display of columns in the main
 pane are reshuffled, esp., the last column is expanded/reduced (usual con
 of switchable panes, eg. in Mail.app)[[BR]]
 -2- the usual role of a Leopard-like panes is to display places that are
 already connected, and it is not exactly to ''establish'' a new connection
 -- it is even less so to switch off the connection previously established.
 (In the Finder, the displayed servers are already known to be present on
 the subnet. Same thing for iTunes and shared libraries.)

 But unduly using a list-pane as a bookmark could just be seen as pushing
 forward the strong point of Cyberduck, which was to make all your
 bookmarked connections appear as immediately connectable drives, while the
 burden of connection / disconnection is left to the software so that
 connection capabilities over the internet are optimized.[[BR]]
 My humble conclusion is that displaying both bookmarks and contents should
 be kept, but having the drawer back is not the best solution, given that
 the multipane is even more consistent with the strong points of
 Cyberduck's design.

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