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#2633: Progress bar missing on resume
 Reporter:  darmok     |        Owner:  dkocher 
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal     |    Milestone:          
Component:  interface  |      Version:  3.0.2   
 Severity:  minor      |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:             |  

Comment(by darmok):

 The only thing thrown into console or system log is the error when the
 download stops.

 The steps I'm using are:

 1. Start a ftp download.[[BR]]
 2. Note that the progress bar is displayed.[[BR]]
 3. After letting it run for a while, press the Stop button.[[BR]]
 4. Wait a while.[[BR]]
 5. Note that the entry in the Transfers window continues to say
 6. Wait much longer.[[BR]]
 7. This appears in console:[[BR]]
 2008-10-20 12:46:46,489 [Background] ERROR
 ch.cyberduck.core.ftp.FTPSession - IO Error: Read timed out[[BR]]
 8. The entry in the Transfers window changes to "Disconnecting".[[BR]]
 9. Wait a while.[[BR]]
 10. The entry changes to "Downloading" again.[[BR]]
 11. The progress bar is drawn, with the barber pole pattern.[[BR]]
 12. After the login is finished (according to cyberduck's log) and the
 download actually resumes... the progress bar vanishes. Nothing else
 appears in the console log.

 - Dan.

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