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#2938: Failure during certificate trust verification
 Reporter:  cyberduck_ch.ttl@…         |       Owner:  dkocher                  
     Type:  defect                     |      Status:  assigned                 
 Priority:  high                       |   Milestone:                           
Component:  ftp-tls                    |     Version:  3.1.2                    
 Severity:  critical                   |    Keywords:  FTP-TLS, SSL, certificate

Comment(by peter):

 I am the original poster of this ticket, using OS 10.4.11. "Always trust
 these certificates" still does not work for me. Cyberduck does not
 remember the "Always trust these certificates" selection. I have tried
 "Always trust these certificates" + "Always trust" (under Trust Settings)
 and also "Always trust these certificates" + "Use system settings".

 I went into Keychain Access First Aid and tried to verify/repair
 permissions, but there were no problems with my Keychain permissions. I
 used Disk First Aid to repair my disk permissions, and that didn't help

 Finally I used the freeware program AppDelete to get rid of everything
 associated with Cyberduck, then I downloaded a fresh copy of Cyberduck,
 rebooted, and tried again. The problem still exists. Cyberduck does not
 even remember the Always Trust setting from one download to the next.

 I tried a workaround: instead of ftps://mydomain.com I tried
 ftps://certificatedomain.com (where *.certificatedomain.com is the domain
 name on the certificate) and this also did not work.

 I think this may be an OS problem in 10.4.11, because I have a related
 problem with the same domain in Safari 3.1.2. Every time I open Safari, I
 need to click Continue on a certificate warning dialog. Even if I choose
 Always Trust, Safari forgets that choice the next time I launch the
 browser. It doesn't matter whether I change the settings in Safari or
 Keychain Access.

 Maybe the best fix for Cyberduck would be not to use Keychain, but store
 the certificates and passwords some other way.

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