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#3428: S3 directories and index.html files
 Reporter:  inbox@…               |       Owner:  dkocher
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Component:  s3                    |     Version:  3.2.1  
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 If I understand correctly - AWS doesn't really support folders, they just
 support a naming convention that makes a bucket's namespace "appear" to be
 a hierarchical file system.

 One of the bad things about AWS is that if you put a website up, a URL
 like http://www.mysite.com/me doesn't work the way it does on a
 conventional webserver, which takes a directory request like above and
 translates it, to, say, http://www.mysite.com/me/index.html (this is of
 course configurable on the server side).

 What would be nice would be if Cyberduck had support for a function
 called, let's say, "Make Web Index".  Since on S3 http://www.mysite.com/me
 actually isn't a directory, it's a file, this function would copy the
 contents of index.html in a particular directory to the name of the
 "directory" itself.  This could be an option on the Open Connection
 dialog, for example.

 This way, when uploading a web site where one was used to URLs that
 depended on this standard request translation, they'd still work.

 (Of course, there may be something obvious that I'm missing - and I'd be
 happy to hear of a better way to deal with this problem.)

 Thanks so much for a great application!

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