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#4017: View files in column view
 Reporter:  macmladen@…          |        Owner:  dkocher   
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Comment(by dkocher):

 Replying to [comment:6 MacMladen <macmladen@…>]:
 > So, here where we are :)
 > Changing View is OK for me (I'm no light user ;) but I didn't see
 spring-loaded folders which is very nice (should be on by default). But..
 still, there are some issues that should be solved.
 > I am not sure if Cyberduck were using standard Apple would solve
 interface and user experience issues, but here is what I think:
 >  * '''cut, copy''' and '''paste''' should work in context, that is if
 files are selected work on them which should also be the case for files
 copied from Finder, no need to have another command. Copy URL is needed.
 >  * '''cut, copy''' and '''paste''' should not work by coping over to my
 machine and uploading back. If we are on SFTP/SSH then use ssh for
 commands like cut, copy and paste (issuing cp or mv commands. Did I say
 how useful (read '''powerful''') would be '''regex''' select / deselect /
 invert selection? Use shell commands for enhancements whenever possible!
 >  * '''bug''': you did not read well what I wrote: when I copy and paste
 in same location, Cyberduck '''erase''' file if I say overwrite. Ever if I
 did say overwrite over same exact file then don't do anything! But because
 of ''universal philosophy'' that works for all protocols of
 upload/download you leave user without a file. Prevent that and offer or
 just make a coy like finder by adding ++ number. We are Mac folks, aren't
 we? I use it all the time to make quick backup copy while saving new
 >  * click and after some time click bring rename in Finder. Not in
 Cyberduck. That is also one thing I expect in inheriting standard Apple
 folder view.
 > I hope this helps in improving Cyberduck. '''RBrowser''' is fine piece
 of software but is not done quite in Mac fashion. However it is brilliant
 for SFTP, have support column and really is using ssh and commands (cp,
 mv, bzip, gzip, tar.gz, etc).
 > I strongly believe that these things could push Cyberduck in front of
 every other FTP/SFTP software, commerial or not. RBrowser is reserving
 those SSH options for paid version only.

 Thanks for the detailed report!

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