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#3347: Amazon S3 gives a "Request Error.. Not Found" message on some 'folders'
 Reporter:  info@…               |       Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:         
Component:  s3                   |     Version:  3.2.1  
 Severity:  critical             |    Keywords:         

Comment(by info@…):

 Here is a table of the folder names, a Y if they open in 3.2.1 an N if
 they don't and the number of files they contain...


 The problem seems to be somehow connected to zero size files.

 I looked in each of the above folders...

 The 'files' folder which works in 3.2.1 contains one sub folder and
 nothing else. There are subfolders within that folder.

 Folder 'flash' which also works on 3.2.1 contains a single .swf file.

 All the folders that do not work with 3.2.1 contain a mixture of files AND
 subfolders. There all also contain some files with names like
 ajax_$folder$ which are 0B in size. I believe these are 'folder aliases'
 created by applications other than Cyberduck. We have used Interarchy and
 S3Fox previously. I've attached a screen shot of the js folder contents
 called js_folder.

 To try and pin down the problem I thought I would download the js folder
 (being the smallest non working example), upload it with a different name
 and then delete the odd azero byte files to see if that made any
 difference in 3.2.1 but I'm actually having some trouble with 3.2

 I received some errors, it doesn't seem to like the sub-folders. I got
 this message...

 I/O Error: Cannot read file attributes
 S3 GET failed for '/js%2Fajax'

 The forward slash between the js and the ajax is being escaped?

 I got similar messages for 'ticker' and 'js'. All 3 are zero B files.

 However despite the error messages the folder did download (see second
 screenshot js_folder_desktop)

 I uploaded a copy of the folder, calling it js_copy with no errors.

 I then opened this newly uploaded js_copy folder in 3.2.1 with no problem,
 I am still unable to open the original js folder in 3.2.1

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