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#3967: ebay affiliate program
 Reporter:  riven404@…          |       Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect              |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal              |   Milestone:         
Component:  core                |     Version:  3.3    
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 my name is wendy and i am having one hell of a time trying to figure out
 what to do with this whole epndomain.txt thing.  I've seen a ton of posts
 on the internet about it but it is speaking chinese to me.  I don't even
 know what an FTP is, but all the posts keep telling me that i need one, so
 i did.  i got you.  im not computer smart when it comes to things like
 this so im hoping you can help me out.  i'm going to paste the email from
 e bay just in case you don't know what im talking about.  before i do, let
 me say that i do not own my own domain (i think)  I think i own a sub
 domain.  I built a website through www.wix.com

 my url for this page is www.wix.com/riven404/easilyebay

 i hope this helps, im sorry to bother you with such lame shit but nobody
 else has yet.
 thank you

 We require you to confirm ownership of the domains that you will drive
 traffic from within 72 hours.
 The process is easy:
 Create a plain text file from a text editor and in the contents put only
 your unique identifier (provided below).
 Save the file as 'epndomain.txt'.
 Upload the file to the base directory of each of your domains that you
 would like to register.
 Example: If your website is www.ebay.com, your file would be located in
 Visit the Domain Confirmation Page when your domains are ready to be
 validated and click on the 'Confirm Domains' button.
 Our system will look for the file and your unique identifier and confirm
 appropriately. Don't worry if you have additional domains that you'd like
 to add, as you will be able to add them in the future if you are accepted
 into the network.
 Unique Identifier: kZxVLQWFyvItBQmA2cFWBQ==
 If you cannot confirm ownership of your domains, we provide an area to
 provide a reason on the Domain Confirmation Page linked above.
 Thank you,

 you can email me directly at riven404 at yahoo.com
 thanks again

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