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#2443: Unable to connect to a WEBDAV HTTPS
 Reporter:  anonymous  |        Owner:  dkocher 
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  reopened
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Component:  webdav     |      Version:  3.1     
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Comment(by ekendall):

 I am also experiencing this problem. In my case the WebDAV server's
 certificate is not self-signed, but is signed by an intermediate CA - one
 that was signed by a widely-trusted CA.

 Adding the signing CA to my keychain doesn't help, nor does the
 "acceptAnyCertificate true" workaround. I have tried both 3.3b3 and the
 latest nightly build.

 From what I can tell, the problem comes when trying to follow an HTTP
 redirect. Cyberduck successfully connects to port 443, negotiates a TLS
 connection, and sends a PROPFIND for the given path. However, since
 Cyberduck omits the trailing slash from its PROPFIND request, the remote
 web server sends a 301 redirect to the same path but with the trailing
 slash added. It's at that point that Cyberduck freaks out. Possibly fixing
 Cyberduck to include a trailing slash on WebDAV requests would work around
 the problem.

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