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#2572: Add support for droplets
 Reporter:  mozilla.by@…          |        Owner:  dkocher 
     Type:  enhancement           |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                |    Milestone:          
Component:  interface             |      Version:  3.0.2   
 Severity:  normal                |   Resolution:          
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Comment(by Pollli):

 Those who refer to themselves as deaf usually [http://pika033.co.cc] have
 either severe or profound hearing loss. Those with lesser degrees of
 hearing loss are commonly referred to as hard-of-hearing. Conductive
 hearing loss is the result of damage or blockage of the moving parts of
 the ear. The bones of a healthy inner ear—the malleus (hammer), incus
 (anvil) and [http://pika034.co.cc] stapes (stirrup)—vibrate in response to
 sounds. Diseases or injury can lead to the inability of these bones to
 vibrate properly, preventing the proper detection of auditory information.
 Neural hearing loss (nerve deafness) occurs when the auditory nerve is
 [http://pika035.co.cc] damaged, thus preventing the auditory information
 from getting to the brain. The bones of the inner ear may vibrate
 correctly, but the nerves are unable to properly transmit this information
 for processing by the brain. High tone hearing loss is, as its
 [http://pika036.co.cc] name implies, the loss of the ability to hear high

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