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#5350: .CDN_ACCESS_LOGS Folder listing is empty
    Reporter:  https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=aitoawnacazfrndodbxlrfivovycxnb3ythoids  |        Owner:  dkocher      
        Type:  defect                                                                            |       Status:  reopened     
    Priority:  normal                                                                            |    Milestone:               
   Component:  cloudfiles                                                                        |      Version:  3.7          
    Severity:  normal                                                                            |   Resolution:               
    Keywords:                                                                                    |     Platform:  Mac OS X 10.6
Architecture:  Intel                                                                             |  

Comment (by dkocher):

 Replying to [comment:5 http://openid-provider.appspot.com/shawncmaddock]:
 > I've been having the identical issue. (Other containers work correctly,
 .CDN_ACCESS_LOGS shows contents in the web interface but not Cyberduck,
 small content length...) I contacted Rackspace, and included my Cyberduck
 log. Here is their response:
 > >The problem with CyberDuck and other third-party applications such as
 FireUploader when it comes to the CDN log container is that they each have
 their own unique implementations of folder structures within Cloud Files.
 CDN access logs are stored in the format
 "containername/yyyy/mm/dd/hh/uniqueid.log.0.gz".  The slashes in the
 object name are interpreted as subdirectories by CyberDuck, but since the
 corresponding "folder objects" are not there (in this case, it would
 require objects named containername, containername/yyyy,
 containername/yyyy/mm, etc.), it cannot read the objects in the container
 > >
 > >The only options for fixing  this problem is if Cyberduck either:
 > >
 > >A.  automatically adds the corresponding folder objects inside
 > >B.  updates their code to ignore the slashes in the .CDN_ACCESS_LOGS
 container entirely
 > >
 > >Option A is a bad idea in general because it would make it quite
 difficult to find the log you're looking for and it would conflict with
 every other implementation.  FireUploader requires a slightly different
 MIME type and metadata in their folder objects, for example.  Option B is
 far more sensible.
 > >
 > >Unfortunately, there's nothing that we can do on our end to accommodate
 the idiosyncrasies of all the third-party folder implementations.
 > Seeing as the specs for Cloud Files do not allow for nested containers,
 couldn't the "exception" be applied to all Cloud Files containers, and
 treat the / as a "normal" character? OS X doesn't have a problem with it
 as it uses colons...

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