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#4462: Copying two files bug
 Reporter:  sansfrank@…          |       Owner:  dkocher                
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new                    
 Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:                         
Component:  core                 |     Version:  3.4.2                  
 Severity:  normal               |    Keywords:  multiple files copy bug
 Platform:  Mac OS X 10.5        |  
 This just happened with two large files (about 7.9 GB and 6.7 GB) while
 logged onto an ftp site with a password.  I logged onto the server and
 selected both "File1" and "File2" which were in a folder called "FILES."
 I selected the two files by opening the folder, and by shift-clicking to
 highlight both.  Then I dragged both files to a location on one of my hard

 Cyberduck reported that it would take about 15 hours and the total of the
 transfer was 14.7 GB.  However, after about 8 hours (at the 7.9 GB mark)
 it did this instead:

 1)  A warning dialog came up asking if I wanted to OVERWRITE "File1"
 (which was already downloaded after 8 hours).  The original file and the
 file on the server had the exact same modification date and size.  So, I
 assumed this was a bug.  So, to avoid going through another 8 hours of
 download time, I clicked CANCEL so it would NOT overwrite the already
 downloaded file.

 2)  Cyberduck then cancelled the operation and the progress bar reported
 "Transfer incomplete" with "7.9 GB of 14.7 GB."  The first file of the two
 files I wanted to download appears to have been downloaded OK.

 (So I went ahead and began the download of "File2" separately.)

 Thus, there appears to be a bug.  If you SHIFT-CLICK to select multiple
 files to download, only the FIRST file gets downloaded.  Then Cyberduck
 thinks that the second file is the first file and thinks I want to
 overwrite the first file.  If I did, it probably would have erased the
 first file and I would have had to download it twice.

 Unfortunately, I neglected to take screenshots, and when I opened the "Log
 Drawer," there was no log there.  However, I hope the description is
 accurate and you can reproduce.

 Many thanks!

 - Franklin

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