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#5306: Uploads and Drag & Drop only work to/from C: Drive
 Reporter:  https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=aitoawmqodvh9h1sr52eezhptxb64ucx58py1lc  |          Owner:       
     Type:  defect                                                                            |         Status:  new  
 Priority:  highest                                                                           |      Milestone:       
Component:  core                                                                              |        Version:  4.0b3
 Severity:  critical                                                                          |       Keywords:       
 Platform:  Windows XP                                                                        |   Architecture:       
 Cyberduck seems to be rewriting local paths to always be rooted from the
 C: drive, even if the real source is another drive or UNC path.  Local and
 Network paths are affected.  This definitely affects FTP and SFTP, I'm
 guessing it affects all protocols.


 * ALL uploads, initiated via Keyboard (Alt+Up), Context Menu, File Menu,
 or Drag & Drop fail on all non-C: drive local paths.  All paths have their
 local drive (D:, E:) or UNC server (\\Server) rewritten to C:.  Of course,
 since the file isn't actually there, the transfer fails.

 * Drag & Drop Downloads to paths not on C: drive have also have their
 leading identifier (e.g. D: or \\Server) rewritten to C:.  Transfers
 succeed, but the local path is rerooted to the C: drive.  If a file was to
 be downloaded to D:\Path\To\File.zip, then the file is downloaded to
 C:\Path\To\File.zip.  The \Path\To directories are created on C: if they
 do not exist.  This happens for all non-C: local drives, mapped network
 drives, and UNC paths.

 * The "Download To..." command works correctly.

 * If the default download folder specified in Preferences -> Transfers ->
 General -> Downloads -> Download Folder is not on the C: drive, then the
 "Download" command fails in a similar manner as Uploads and D&D Downloads.

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