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#5308: Unable to perform remote directory listing
    Reporter:  bbaker  |        Owner:  dkocher
        Type:  defect  |       Status:  new    
    Priority:  normal  |    Milestone:         
   Component:  sftp    |      Version:  3.6.1  
    Severity:  normal  |   Resolution:         
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Comment (by bbaker):

 It appears if we reduce the number of files in the directory CyberDuck can
 complete a directory listing but as soon as we restore files the directory
 listing won't work any more.

 The error message you included above sounds similar to a separate issue we
 experienced with Putty/Filezilla:

 When PuTTY opens the data channel for the SFTP session, it sends
 SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN, and states a window size of 0x7FFFFFFF(2147483647)
 bytes but a maximum packet size of 0x4000 (32768). That is, the server is
 permitted to send almost any amount of data without requiring an SSH-level
 acknowledgment from PuTTY, but may not send an _individual packet_ larger
 than 32768 bytes.

 The server is disregarding the specified maximum packet size, and is
 sending a packet of 65548 bytes. PuTTY treats this as a decryption
 failure, since the most common reason for the packet length to be out of
 range is because there was a disagreement in the bulk encryption between
 client and server, causing the packet length field to decrypt to random
 garbage data. In fact that isn't the cause of the problem in this case,
 but PuTTY unfortunately can't determine that by itself.

 Our Secure FTP vendor (Globalscape) CLAIMS that this was fixed and we
 stopped experiencing this issue in filezilla/putty however is it possible
 that CyberDuck is encountering the same problem?


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