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#5128: SFTP Upload Error
 Reporter:  https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=aitoawna8pryjlgqyyneylsaftmt4ccd_4lkkc8  |          Owner:  dkocher                        
     Type:  defect                                                                            |         Status:  new                            
 Priority:  normal                                                                            |      Milestone:                                 
Component:  core                                                                              |        Version:  3.5.1                          
 Severity:  normal                                                                            |       Keywords:  SFTP upload "non-existent file"
 Platform:  Mac OS X 10.6                                                                     |   Architecture:  Intel                          
 I am trying to upload a file to our SFTP server via a simple drag and drop
 of a file. When I do this is the error I get in Cyberduck:

 SSH Error: Upload failed
 Cannot open input stream for non-existent file
 '/home/usr/CUST03/spazio_CA.lic': File not found

 I work for a Managed File Transfer company and we were working in a Proof
 of Concept with a customer when this happened. I would have chalked it up
 to a bad config on our server by me except that a co-worker was using
 Filezilla from a Windows machine and reported that uploading worked fine
 for him. I got Filezilla for my Mac and it did indeed work fine.

 When I looked in our log files, it looks like Cyberduck opens the
 connection and requests to download the filename that I dropped into
 Cyberduck to upload. Cyberduck works fine when trying to download, rename
 or remotely delete the files that were present in the directory. The
 problem only occurs with upload.

 I forwarded off all of the above information to our development group and
 they verified the behavior there as well. It is also repeatable in my
 virtualized environment.

 I am willing to help in any way with diagnosis of the issue, i'm just
 pressed for time for the next 3 weeks or so. A PoC and a vacation ...
 assuming all goes well with the PoC.

 Please feel free to contact me at wilsonprw at gmail dot com with any

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