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#5920: Need useful History/Logging for transactions to provide accessible audit
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   Component:  core         |    Version:  4.0.2
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 It would be GREAT if cyberduck had a window like Transfers (or just a
 simple log window like the Logging Window) that contains a list of... ALL
 transactions that CHANGED your file system on remote server (i.e. upload,
 move, delete, rename, copy, create file, create archive, etc.) WITHOUT all
 the debug logging bloat (i.e. cryptic messages, directory listings, etc.).

 I find it hard to believe that software this good has been without an
 easily accessible and meaningful transaction log for so long. I've looked
 everywhere and googled for it, but can't seem to find it - so the only
 conclusion I can make at this time is that it does not exist.

 The logging that is available in cyberduck I find too verbose or useless:
 Activity (useless)
 Logging Window (extremely verbose - basicaly a debug log)
 defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck logging INFO - via console log -
 (extremely verbose - basicaly a debug log)

 Technically the particular events that I mention below I've found in the
 console log output, but it takes an exorbitant amount of energy to sift
 through and find what you are looking for.

 The "Transfers" window is excellent for transfers. But if a particular
 event isn't considered a file transfer there is no log of it in this
 window. This includes CRITICAL events that could cause CATASTROPHIC
 failure such as:
 - moving a file or directory
 - deleting file or directory

 I don't care if if a directory has been opened for listing or whatever...
 that's what the current log provides and it's way to noisy. It's really a
 debugging log... not a useful log for your end users.

 I have moved files and directories by accident so many times with
 cyberduck it scares me. And there is NO log - unless I turn on console
 logging and then it's very hard to read.

 How hard can it be to simply have a log of things like...

 mv file1 /var/www/directory2
 rm file2
 mv file1 file2

 Or if you don't want to use UNIX CLI terms, something like this would

 move file1 to /var/www/diretory2
 delete file2
 rename file1 to file2

 If you accidentally click and then let go of a file or directory (which is
 easy when you are managing multiple windows on your screen) you are left
 wondering what the hell just happened in cyberduck and your remote server
 - and where unknown file or directory may have ended up!!

 IMHO this is a huge security vulnerability and I can not recommend this
 software anymore until this is fixed.

 ps. thank you for the wonderful software!! My criticisms here are meant
 only to improve the software and experience for end users. thank you for
 your consideration.

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