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#6449: Cannot create or expand archives, duplicate or disclose subfolders with one
    Reporter:  Cyberduck2011  |      Owner:
        Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
    Priority:  high           |  Milestone:  4.3
   Component:  core           |    Version:  4.1.3
    Severity:  normal         |   Keywords:
Architecture:  Intel          |   Platform:  Mac OS X 10.7
 I have several issues with Cyberduck. Have had them as far back as I can
 remember. I will list them here in case you wish to look into them. All
 serious ones if fixed would improve Cyberduck.

 1. I cannot archive files. Create Archive shows file clicked on listed in
 submenu but names are greyed out. For example, myFilename.tar,
 myFileName.tar.gz, etc.

 2. I cannot expand archives (have to use the File Browser in my cPanel).

 3. Cannot duplicate files. For example, if I have a folder containing
 subfolders which also contain subfolders, Cyberduck starts the process but
 when it finishes and I try to view the contents, I see a right dog's
 dinner: basically, top folder duped as a subfolder but containing a
 subfolder that also contains a subfolder like Russian dolls, but no
 content to be seen anywhere (I have ticketed this before as I recall).

 4. When I select a folder and click on its disclosure icon, the icon
 disappears because of the blue highlight. It should reverse out so you can
 see it.

 5. When I want to view content of all subfolders, I have to click the
 disclosure icon of the top folder to reveal all of the subfolders, click
 again to hide them, and then Option-click the disclosure icon again. It
 would speed the process if you could Option-click once to reveal all
 subfolders in a folder.

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