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#5697: Option to skip existing files on folder download
 Reporter:  Ahmad48124                       |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  enhancement                      |        Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                           |     Milestone:  4.0b10
Component:  interface                        |       Version:  4.0b9
 Severity:  normal                           |    Resolution:
 Keywords:  folder download mirror dav skip  |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Windows 7                        |

Comment (by Ahmad48124):

 You are correct in saying that it will skip //all// of the folder's
 contents. The problem is that if //some// of the files in the server
 folder are present in the local folder, it is not possible to select the
 folder for download and have it skip any filenames that exist and download
 only the files that are NOT present in the local folder (but ARE present
 in the server folder). Currently the only options for this behavior are:
 1. Download each file that is not present locally individually to the
 target directory (time consuming).
 2. Individually uncheck each file that has the same name as a local file,
 but leave the parent folder checked (in this case leave {{{EXAM 3}}}
 checked, but uncheck each of the individual files inside the {{{EXAM 3}}}
 folder in the download dialog; also time consuming).

 Better example: [[br]] [[br]]
 Let's say we have a network folder that looks like this:
 and a local folder that looks like this:
 Now say we choose to download {{{/dav/FOLDER1}}} to {{{/local/}}}.

 In this case the download prompt will come up saying that {{{FILE1.TXT}}}
 and `FILE2.TXT` both exist already, and asks what action to take.
 Unchecking `FOLDER1` aborts the download (it will say complete, but report
 that zero bytes were downloaded successfully).

 The proposed "skip" option would simply ignore both `FILE1.TXT` and
 `FILE2.TXT` (preserving the local copy), and only download `FILE3.txt` to


 Sorry if my original ticket wasn't clear. This function is extremely
 useful when new files are added to the server daily and need to be copied
 to the local mirror without overwriting any changes to existing files
 since they were downloaded or ending up with several renamed copies of the
 same file.

 It's the same concept as merging two local folders on a Windows machine.
 Windows gives the option of renaming, overwriting, or skipping files, so
 I'd love to see this functionality in CyberDuck as well :)

 Thanks again

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