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#5487: Support for Multipart Uploads
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        Type:  enhancement                       |     Version:  3.7
    Priority:  high                              |  Resolution:  fixed
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    Severity:  normal                            |
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Comment (by dkocher):

 Replying to [comment:10 dkocher]:
 > S3 is returning a `404 Not Found` for some `PUT`requests for parts to be
 uploaded. According to the documentation, this means `The specified
 multipart upload does not exist. The upload ID might be invalid, or the
 multipart upload might have been aborted or completed.` which is not the
 case here as later requests succeed with the same upload ID.
 > Have to do some more testing with this. Analyzing is a pain because the
 log is mangled with concurrent requests, though.

 There is possibly nothing we can do about these failures but to support
 resuming parts of the transfer that failed.

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