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#6056: Swift Large Object support missing?
    Reporter:  Anton     |      Owner:  dkocher
  Altaparmakov           |     Status:  new
        Type:  defect    |  Milestone:
    Priority:  normal    |    Version:  4.0.2
   Component:            |   Keywords:  OpenStack Swift Large Object Upload
  openstack              |   Platform:  Mac OS X 10.6
    Severity:  critical  |
Architecture:  Intel     |

 I have just deployed a minimal OpenStack Swift Object Store v1.4.1 (5
 storage nodes, 1 proxy server) and have been trying out CyberDuck from my
 Mac OS X Lion laptop.  It all works fine with smaller files but when I try
 to upload a large file (6.1GiB, i.e. above the 5GiB single object limit in
 Swift) CyberDuck tried to upload the whole file as a single object - at
 least it appears so from the log on the swift proxy server which logged

 Jul  7 09:55:16 swift proxy-server
 07/Jul/2011/08/55/16 PUT /v1/AUTH_uxsup/UxSup-Test-
 Container/SnowLeopard_10A432_UserDVD_2Z693-6990-068.dmg HTTP/1.0 413 -
 uxsup%2CAUTH_FOOBARAUTHKEYREPLACED - - - - - 214.0182

 (Note I replaced the authentication token with FOOBARAUTHKEYREPLACED for
 obvious reasons!)

 And cyberduck threw up an error message saying:

 "HTTP Error: Upload failed

 Unexpected result.  Request Entity Too Large."

 You can see an image of the error message and the activity window showing
 the 6.1GiB file that it uploaded unsuccessfully in the attachment.

 As far as I can see large files must be uploaded in a segmented fashion as
 described here:


 Not sure whether to class this as a bug or feature request but given it
 results in an error I will submit it as a "defect" for now...  Also, the
 Platform is Mac OS X 10.7 (GM, not a beta) and not 10.6 like I entered in
 the Platform field but you do not list 10.7 amongst the choices and 10.6
 was the closest match.  In any case I don't see how that would matter!

 It would be great if this could be fixed/implemented so large file uploads

 Thanks a lot in advance!

 Best regards,


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