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#6248: Unsupported Content-Coding: unknown
 Reporter:  pmathot        |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect         |        Status:  new
 Priority:  high           |     Milestone:
Component:  webdav         |       Version:  4.1
 Severity:  critical       |    Resolution:
 Keywords:                 |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Mac OS X 10.6  |

Comment (by dkocher):

 The issue is that the server is responding with an invalid `Content-
 Encoding` token. Valid values are (by The Internet Assigned Numbers
 Authority (IANA)):

  * `gzip` An encoding format produced by the file compression program
 "gzip" (GNU zip) as described in RFC 1952 [25]. This format is a Lempel-
 Ziv coding (LZ77) with a 32 bit CRC.
  * `compress` The encoding format produced by the common UNIX file
 compression program "compress". This format is an adaptive Lempel-Ziv-
 Welch coding (LZW).
  * `deflate` The "zlib" format defined in RFC 1950 [31] in combination
 with the "deflate" compression mechanism described in RFC 1951 [29].
  * `identity` The default (identity) encoding; the use of no
 transformation whatsoever. This content-coding is used only in the Accept-
 Encoding header, and SHOULD NOT be used in the Content-Encoding header.

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