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#7509: Unexpected file names being saved causes data loss
    Reporter:  chris deeming  |      Owner:  dkocher
        Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
    Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  4.4.1
   Component:  webdav         |    Version:  4.4
    Severity:  normal         |   Keywords:
Architecture:  Intel          |   Platform:  Mac OS X 10.9
 I believe this issue to be affecting all OS platforms.

 I use a WebDAV interface which is provided by SabreDAV in the forum
 software XenForo for editing XenForo templates.

 If I create a template named webdav_test, I can find it in Cyberduck as
 webdav_test.html. I can then launch it in my external editor (PHP Storm
 7). Cyberduck confirms the file has been downloaded. I then make an edit
 and Save. Cyberduck confirms the file has been uploaded.

 What happens next is the template I am working on disappears.

 It transpires that the error being thrown by XenForo is that the filename
 contains invalid characters. After bypassing that check, the error being
 thrown is the length of the filename is too long (over 50 characters).

 After preventing these errors from stopping the save process, I can
 confirm the filename being saved is:


 The original file, webdav_test9.html has disappeared.

 If I do not bypass the first two errors, actually nothing gets saved and
 the original file is deleted completely which unfortunately causes data

 I initially presumed this was due the new feature:

 [Feature] Upload with temporary name when saving from external editor

 However this is off by default and whether that is on or off, the result
 is the same.

 It is worth noting that this has all been working as expected until 4.4
 was released.

 At risk of digressing...

 I am currently finding it difficult to use either version 4.3.X or 4.4.X
 with PHP Storm 7 as an external editor.

 I have it configured so that double clicking a file opens it in the
 external editor. It seems that doing so causes Cyberduck to download the
 file but PHP Storm doesn't open it. The issue seems worse in 4.3.X and
 slightly better in 4.4.X (if you forgive the data loss part! :-) )

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