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#7522: Interoperability with WinSSHD. "Unknown File not found" error.
 Reporter:  chris nolan  |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect       |        Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |     Milestone:  4.4.1
Component:  sftp         |       Version:  4.4
 Severity:  major        |    Resolution:
 Keywords:               |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Windows 7    |

Comment (by dkocher):

 From [http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-13 SSH File
 Transfer Protocol]

 >  The SSH_FXP_REALPATH request can be used to have the server
 >  canonicalize any given path name to an absolute path.  This is useful
 >  for converting path names containing ".." components or relative
 >  pathnames without a leading slash into absolute paths.  The format of
 >  the request is as follows:
 >      byte   SSH_FXP_REALPATH
 >      uint32 request-id
 >      string original-path [UTF-8]
 >      byte   control-byte [optional]
 >      string compose-path[0..n] [optional]
 >  original-path
 >     The first component of the path which the client wishes resolved
 >     into a absolute canonical path.  This may be the entire path.
 >  control-byte
 >      SSH_FXP_REALPATH_NO_CHECK    0x00000001
 >      SSH_FXP_REALPATH_STAT_IF     0x00000002
 >     This field is optional, and if it is not present in the packet, it
 >     is assumed to be SSH_FXP_REALPATH_NO_CHECK.
 >     If SSH_FXP_REALPATH_NO_CHECK is specified, the server MUST NOT
 >     fail the request if the path does not exist, is hidden, or the
 >     user does not have access to the path or some component thereof.
 >     In addition, the path MUST NOT resolve symbolic links.  This
 >     allows paths to be composed for the SSH_FXP_REMOVE command to
 >     remove symbolic links.

 As we fail to provide the optional SSH_FXP_REALPATH_NO_CHECK, the default
 is not fail which indicates WinSSHD works according to the specs but
 OpenSSH (against we test) is not.

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