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#7187: 404 response for HEAD request
 Reporter:  billhuber01  |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect       |        Status:  closed
 Priority:  highest      |     Milestone:  4.3.1
Component:  webdav       |       Version:  4.3
 Severity:  blocker      |    Resolution:  thirdparty
 Keywords:  webdav       |  Architecture:
 Platform:  Windows 7    |

Comment (by jrifkin):

 Here's a work-around for Apache, and a suggestion for Cyberduck.

 Cyberduck version pre-4.3 would open a connection using the OPTIONS method
 on the directory.  Apache worked well with that.  Newer Cyberduck versions
 open a connection using the HEAD method on a directory, which leads to
 problem with some Apache installations.

 If Apache is configured to provide an index file for the directory (using
 the Apache DirectoryIndex directive or the Options +Index directive) then
 a code 200 by the HEAD method on a direcotry, and Cyberduck 4.3+ works
 fine.  If no index file is server for a directory, then some Apache
 versions/configurations return a 404 code, which Cyberduck 4.3+ takes as a
 failure.  Other Apache versions/configurations return a 403 code, which
 Cyberduck 4.3+ handles fine.

 If your Apache has the problem and returns code 404, which you can see in
 this Apache access log entry,
    XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - myuserj [11/Sep/2013:13:05:29 -0400] "HEAD /mysite/
 HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-"
    "Cyberduck/4.3.1 (Mac OS X/10.8.4) (i386)"
 then you can get Cyberduck working by configuring DirectoryIndex and
 putting the appropriate index file in your directory (for example,
 index.html) or configure mod_index and Options +Index.

 Also, it looks like Cyberduck could be modified to work again with such
 Apache installations by either reverting to the OPTIONS method when
 opening a connection, or handling the 404 return code the same way it
 handles the 403 return code.

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