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#7979: You will gain lean muscles through such efficient way
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 A true was a true that isolated people living far from all the so-called
 benefits civilization had excellent dental health they did not suffer from
 cavities they did not have dental deformities and by inference if they had
 good dental health good overall health the second question was if you
 could find these healthy populations what where they eating what was a the
 type of diet that supported this kind of help he was not interested in
 what unhealthy people were eating he knew it I'm healthy people reading
 the new its stations were eating but he didn't know what to tell them teat
 to be healthy so that was a genius the doctor price he asked the right
 questions and any very systematically went about answering those questions
 the first place a doctor price went was an isolated Valley and with you
 want Switzerland at this time in the early nineteen thirty's had embarked
 on a road-building project to connect all the villages in all the towns in
 Switzerland but he found a few good villages that were still not connected
 to the road this particular village was in the low ensure Valley this
 village was at the end of a valley surrounded by very steep mountain
 ranges and the only access to [http://ripmusclediet.com/ XM Recovery] this
 village was a footpath too narrow for wheeled cart that way he was assured
 that the food that they were eating they grew there in the village for
 them self with the exception of salt which was carried in they did not
 have felt now when he came to a tribe were village the way he worked was
 he sat down with the elders and with the help with an interpreter he
 explained his research and when he had their permission he then took every
 individual from the village young and old sick no exception he wasn't
 leaving out people deliberately and he lined the mall OPP and then he very
 carefully looked in every single now and meticulously counted cavities in
 that part of his research he kept little notebooks it was very precise in
 scientific he also noted the presence of dental deformities in this part
 of his research was published in peer-reviewed journals have his day he
 also took general notes about the health of the population based on his
 observations and then he made notes about the food he described the food
 that they were eating.

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