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#8064: 404 error response when downloading file in placeholder folder
 Reporter:  paulnicklin  |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect       |        Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal       |     Milestone:  4.5.2
Component:  openstack    |       Version:  4.4.5
 Severity:  normal       |    Resolution:
 Keywords:               |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Windows 7    |
Changes (by paulnicklin):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  worksforme =>


 Arghh! This is frustrating! I'm on 15069. Still NOT working for me.

 Certainly the files are displayed flat - with no placeholder dir - I'd say
 that was a strong(ish) hint that the placeholder dir has been lost
 processing the file list from rackspace

 One oddity is that I can't connect using openswift profile- I use
 Rackspace US profile (even though the DC is in london). however the log
 implies the swift helper is being used

 It looks to me like the placeholder is not extracted...

 2014-09-09 22:44:34,043 [Thread-0] DEBUG
 ch.cyberduck.ui.AbstractController - Run action
 ='/clientfiles-xxxx', type=[directory, volume]}}, result=null} in
 2014-09-09 22:44:34,044 [Thread-0] DEBUG
 ch.cyberduck.ui.AbstractController - Synchronize on lock
 hostname='identity.api.rackspacecloud.com', port=443,
 state=closed} for action
 ='/clientfiles-xxxx', type=[directory, volume]}}, result=null}

 2014-09-09 22:44:46,308 [background-1] DEBUG ch.cyberduck.core.Profile -
 No value for key:Scheme ??

 I see this..

 2014-09-09 22:44:50,667 [background-1] DEBUG
 ch.cyberduck.core.threading.AbstractBackgroundAction - Finish background
 task WorkerBackgroundAction{worker=SessionListWorker{directory=Path{path
 ='/clientfiles-xxxx', type=[directory, volume]}}, result=[Path{path
 ='/clientfiles-xxxx/Address proof xxxx.pdf', type=[file]}, ...

 So by this point already the placeholders have been lost/removed

 My code uses the .net library openstack, and calling listfiles on the
 container I get the first file as /Admin/Address proof xxxx.pdf (is the
 leading / a problem??)

 and then on the transfer..

 2014-09-09 22:34:02,944 [background-1] DEBUG
 ch.cyberduck.ui.threading.TransferCollectionBackgroundAction - Finish
 background action for transfer Transfer{transferred=null, size=null,
 proof xxxxx.pdf'}, remote=Path{path='/clientfiles-xxxx/Address proof
 xxxx.pdf', type=[file]}}], state=stopped,
 hostname='identity.api.rackspacecloud.com', port=443,

 What's the difference with my setup and yours?

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