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#9109: Help with project
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 I tried donating one dollar but refused.  Sorry.
 My name is John A. Keslick, Jr. and I am the TREE BIOLOGIST for KESLICK
 the County of Chester, PA.

 We are not a company in the business of trees yet we have moved to the
 CARE OF TREES and THEIR ASSOCIATES.   Even with the extent of the
 pathogenetic relationship, on the most part, humans play compared to all
 other living things here on this planet, humans are in need of serious
 help.  A few facts.

 Ignorance of tree biology has been, and still is, the major cause of tree
 problems worldwide.

 In spite of abiotic destructive forces and biotic agents such as insects,
 bacteria, and fungi, humans still rank as the major destructive agent for
 trees in forests and cities.  Ignorance of tree biology is a major cause
 of this.

 Truth is momentary perfect order.   So thank the creator that it is the
 truth but only temporary.

 Young trees and young children require special attention. Children are
 born with a strong curiosity for natural things. We must encourage this
 curiosity, not dull or destroy it.

 Children enjoy planting trees. We must make certain that they are taught
 correct practices at the beginning.

 Young trees and young children suffer when incorrect treatments and
 information are given.

 Curiosity is the beginning of a good life.

 Young trees and young children suffer when incorrect treatments and
 information are given. Wounding at planting time sets the stage for
 serious decay.  Incorrect information inflicted on children also leads to
 future problems as curiosity begins to decay and biology becomes the

 I am including a copy of 6th grade level questions that children must be
 able to answer correctly.  I cannot express the priority I believe this
 takes to all other issues beside the number one human problem, SOIL

 Teachers can openly teach what they have been taught too teach.  I am or
 have written 10 modules as a guide to prep
 teachers for TREE BIOLOGY WORKSHOPS so they can acquire the tools and
 techniques to answer their own questions about trees.  I.e., CORRECTLY so
 that children can have their curiosity, which is in present danger of
 becoming decayed by false information, half truths and  myths about trees.
 When the settlers arrived from Europe until this day TREES were and are
 the enemy.   Considered dead, not of any vaLUE UNLESS HUMAN PRODUCTS OR
 SOME way shape or form besides humans letting them be to function as a
 system trapping 50% of the 0.1% of all the sunlight energy that comes into
 this atmosphere.  Where children are taught and directed to believe that a
 fallen tree is a wasted resource if not removed from once fertile forest,
 and or must be removed to mow grass in forest and fields……  The list is
 never ending with the myth that by improperly planting trees that should
 have never left a nursery and then mulch piled against the trunk after
 planting to deep, is a forgiveness of sin and replaces the ecosystems
 destroyed before planting.   Children are taught that TREES are A NATURAL
 RENEWABLE RESOURCE and to keep cutting them and removing wood because they
 will come back just as they were.  I aim not going to continue to list the
 almost endless list of iniooreest information given to children.

 However, I have written a website DICTIONARY at www.treedictionary.com

 And am ready to create a website for my County to keep members who have an
 interest in our new direction program informed.

 I am hoping that you can help me out with the software I require to do so.
 microsoft and now I am using IMAC, iPad and iPhone for all my projects.

 I am disabled and a veteran.  My wife and I are both of SS disability and
 are volunteers in this project for children.  175.00 comes out of my SSDI
 check each month to pay for the computers.  So I am requesting your  help
 for my project.

 I would give you credit if that is what you desire.  Please contact me at
 610-657-5329.  Anyone in disagreement can take the 6th grade level quiz.
 And that is something the children should be able to pass in 7th grade.

 The second quiz is what teachers for starters would be able to address.
 Answers are in my modules.

 Thank You in advance.

 John A. Keslick, Jr. FBNTB
 Consultant Tree Toucher.
 Professional Educator.
 COUNTY OF CHESTER-Tree Biologist.

 311 Main Street APT 2 Parkesburg, Pa 19365

 (Way Way Beyond Organic Tree Care and Biodynamic, and way beyond that, way
 beyond that... always.  Humans cannot comprehend "always")
 610-657-5329 or leave message for Jr. at 610-696-5353.

 Alternative email: THEBOSS170z214 at gmail.com


 Watch out for so called tree experts that do not understand tree biology.
 Ask them to explain how bark is formed.
 Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, volcanic eruptions,
 explosions and other abiotic forces keep reminding humans that they are
 not the boss.
 Abiotic & Biotic switch places...

 Question:  How many trees do you know?

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