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#9727: File Path displayed by text editor
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  moghilemear            |
        Type:  feature   |     Status:  new
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   Component:  core      |    Version:  5.1
    Severity:  normal    |   Keywords:  Editor filepath too long for
                         |  display
Architecture:  Intel     |   Platform:
 Issue: file path displayed by text editor is obfuscated
 Cyberduck 5.1.3, OSX 10.12

 Class: it is not clear whether this is a feature, enhancement, or defect
 class of issue.  Also, this is associated with a collaboration between
 Cyberduck & Textwrangler/BBedit apps.

 TextWrangler is a standard text editor for OSX, and is configured as my
 Cyberduck editor.  When editing a remote file (selected via Cyberduck
 interface), TextWrangler displays the the *local - temporary* filepath,
 (not the remote filepath).

 This may or may not be the intended design of Cyberduck (i.e. show the
 local filepath) the problem is that the local path is extremely long and
 therefore useless when attempting to identify the originating location
 (i.e. remote dir path) of the file.

 I reported this to TextWrangler.  Upon investigation of the matter the
 tech team directed me to report this to Cyberduck as well (citing that it
 is a collaboration issue).

 TextWrangler provided me with a more technical description:
 ''"BBEdit and TextWrangler rely on CyberDuck passing certain information
 in the 'odoc' event, indicating the file's origin. It looks as though when
 CyberDuck changed over to use file monitoring to detect when the file is
 saved, it stopped doing this, so that BBEdit and TextWrangler have no way
 to know where the file came from (and thus no information available to
 display the remote path)."''

 If this is not a defect, then I would like to request that there be a
 Cyberduck Config parameter, to allow the user to control whether the local
 or remoter file-path is displayed.

 Here is an example of just the tmp dir part of the displayed filepath
 -b4aa-33258716b313/<remote filepath goes here>"

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