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#9733: Add SHA1 or other verification for BackBlaze B2
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   Component:  core        |    Version:  5.1.3
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 '''CyberDuck Version: 5.2 (Beta)'''

 '''Why mark this as defect, and not a new feature:'''
 Because the current "only timestamp comparison" renders the entire b2
 upload feature useless.

 '''What happens:'''

 0) You have to enable TIMESTAMP for Uploads.

 (I think this should be enabled by default.)

 1) Upload a folder using Synchronize or with Upload.

 2) Stop transfer half-way.

 3) Upload same folder using Synchronize

 Only the timestamp will get checked.

 '''What should happen:'''

 1) Upload a folder using Synchronize, OR by hand.

 2) The client should calculate SHA1sum and verify with local files.

 3) IF file differs: transfer.

 Then, no timestamp would be even needed.

 The current way is no way to transfer files.

 Backblaze provides a 99.99+% redundancy, and the client provides a 50%
 chance of getting your files up there safely.

 I mean, yes it may get uploaded, but we have no idea what the file ended
 up be.

 Here and there bits may be missing.

 And in my case, with a 1gbps server, the transfer got stuck a few times.

 With timestamps, I was able to "continue", but I have no idea if the files
 that ended up in B2 are MY files, or some damaged binaries.

 ""How to implement:""

 Well, Java has SHA1 calculation included.

 For Backblaze B2: https://www.backblaze.com/b2/docs/b2_get_file_info.html

 Compare both, if it does not match, delete file on B2, and restart

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