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#10044: UNABLE TO QUEUE TRANSFERS: Single Connection Setting Not Working
    Reporter:            |      Owner:  KiddBarba
  KiddBarba              |
        Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
    Priority:  highest   |  Milestone:
   Component:  core      |    Version:  6.2.2
    Severity:  major     |   Keywords:  concurrent transfers, parallel
                         |  connections, queuing transfers, single
                         |  connection
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 Ever since CyberDuck was updated to '''v.6''', the ability to limit the
 number of parallel connections has stopped working. I always limit mine to
 1 so that I can queue downloads while I am away from my computer. But it
 doesn't work anymore. Every time I try to limit or prevent parallel
 downloads, CyberDuck still allows concurrent transfers.

 There has been numerous updates since v.6, the latest one having been
 released on ''August 9th 2017'',  yet to my frustration, this bug remains

 The two screen shots below illustrate my point.

 The first one is from '''Cyberduck 6.2.2''' and the second from
 '''CyberDuck 5.4.4.'''

 '''SCREENSHOT 1''': https://ibb.co/ffF5ga

 '''SCREENSHOT 2''': https://ibb.co/eZvz7F

 As you can see in the first screenshot, although the settings only allow
 for one transfer at a time,  there are 2 concurrent transfers in process.
 The toggle in the lower right corner of the transfer window is set to
 '''ONE''', which means CyberDuck should only allow '''ONE transfer at a
 time''', and '''QUEUE THE REST'''. The second transfer should be queued
 and not start until the first one is finished. But that's not the case.

 The second screenshot from  '''CyberDuck 5''' is what queuing downloads is
 supposed to look like.The settings are exactly the same as those in the
 first screenshot, but only the first transfer is downloading while all the
 other ones are queued.
 The 2nd transfer won't start before the 1st is finished, and the 3rd won't
 start before the 2nd is finished, and so on.


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